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High Street Phoenix celebrated an Organic 'World Food Friday'

Posted by HSP on February 22, 2013

 A treat for the beauty shoppers and an exciting palate for the food connoisseurs, Palladium re-defined the organic indulgence into all things nice in its February edition of ‘World Food Friday’ on 22nd February.

For all food connoisseurs struggling to find organic food in this city and party-goers looking out for organic cosmetics, ‘World Food Friday’ brought them a sumptuous delight full of  roasted coffee beans, freshly baked breads, naturally prepared cosmetic dyes, trendy organic T-shirts and more.

The patron witnessed a wide array of products to kick-start their weekend delight. Displaying organic products like Pesto, Ginger drinks and more, ‘Ma’s Touch’ took them closer to home while the delicacies stored in the ‘Upper Crust’ bottles included chutneys, squashes, syrups and more. ‘Sahi Tiffin’ treated its customers with organic lunch to keep up with the day’s enthusiasm.

Kalaghoda Café’ kept in tune with the season to serve its famous Organic Coffee and bread, while ‘Unived’ entertained the tea-lovers with the supplements of herbal and organic flavors.

‘Natural Mantra’, an internet store, presented a range of natural cosmetic, hair dye, toiletries & sundry unusual organic items, ‘Soul Tree’  displayed range of organic cosmetics including lipsticks, moisturizers, shampoos & conditioners. ‘Fusion Organic’ also presented T-shirts in various styles.

Adding some more flavors of nature, ‘Farmers' Market’ displayed an enthralling narration of Natural Farmer-Philosopher, Masanobu Fukuoka, at the venue.

So this World Food Friday everyone indulged in all things ‘organically’ nice!

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