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We’ve all got feelings. We’ve all got the intent to make that difference. Then why don’t we do it?

The answer is simple – We’ve got too many things to do. Too many emails to send. Too many people to meet.

We know what your heart says, and that’s why we’re giving you a chance to do what your heart wants you to do.

Today, we’re asking you to like one post. The one that’s mentioned in the description below.

Why you ask? Because cumulative sum of every like on the post and every share of that post between 16th and 26th October, is what High Street Phoenix will pay to the Light of Life Trust to ensure the children of our country have a better future.

So come together and be #OneForLove. Click on the link in the description below and like the post. We urge you to make us pay.



20/10/16 TO 31/10/16


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