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Amber and Shirrin

In the discerning world of creative Indian fashion design, Amber and Shirin are two designers who have it all. Almost 20 years of combined experience, loads of creativity, a strong in-house design team and skilled professionals. Ensuring that every ensemble that is created from their studio is exquisite in cut, color and design.While their forte lies in wedding trousseaus and personalized wardrobes, their ready-to-wear ensembles are highly appreciated and are now retailing from several hi profile fashion studios in India, Dubai, New York and London. Catering to men and women's wear, an Amber and Shirin branded ensemble is now something that discerning clients would look forward to having in their wardrobes. Their designs are exclusive and rarely duplicated.




All week days - 11am to 10pm.

Contact Details

+91-22-30042351/52/53, amberandshirrin@gmail.com